The Mancessorize LED Sneakers

The Mancessorize LED Sneakers - The next generation of LED sneakers have arrived.

You used to have them light up sneakers as a kid right?  There's never been an adult alternative...until now.   

Using the latest fiber optic technology and state of the art LED lighting systems we've created a stylish sneaker which brings you a range of vibrant color modes from a solid color to a multicolor light spectrum.

They're perfect for everyday wear.  The sneakers were primarily designed for style and comfort and you can't tell them apart from another great pair of sneakers when they're turned off.

They really come to life as it get's darker.  They'll light up anyclub or party and  they're even great for cycling or whilst playing sports. 

The hidden switch button is located inside the strap on the heel.   It's easy to control and at the same time the hidden button will not affect your comfort whilst wearing them.

USB charge the sneakers for 2-3 hours for up to 8 hours continuous use.

Free Worldwide Delivery in 10-20 days.

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